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A moving story about coping with loss from bestselling author Holly Webb and illustrated by Catherine Rayner. Kate's grandfather has died and she's missing him desperately. Her Mum wants Kate to talk about it, but it only makes Kate angry. Granddad has gone and he's never coming back. At least she has her toy tiger, Amos, to keep her company. It was a present from Granddad, and somehow holding him close makes Granddad seem less far away. But she doesn't expect Amos to turn into a real tiger - a big, comforting, friendly tiger who smells of Granddad, and sounds like him too.


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Published by Scholastic


Holly Webb

A Tiger Tale

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About the author

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"I have just finished reading A Tiger Tale.  I found it very interesting.  The whole Bookfest idea is excellent because it is a great opportunity for people to read different books."

Kayleigh, Market Drayton Junior School, Shropshire


"This book is great love how she thinks the tiger comes alive but actually it is just a cat. If you make another book I would recommend you show how she finds Amos."

Maddie Hards, Greenfields Primary School, Shrewsbury


"I loved this book it was a sad but happy book at the same time the end was funny to"

Evan Whatmough, Greenfields Primary School, Shrewsbury


"I am really enjoying tiger tale it is a moving yet adventurous story about life and death. This book shows how loss is a hard thing to live with but your imagination can drift it away. Best book in bockfest so far, highly recommended."

Alexandra Hayward, Greenfields Primary School, Shrewsbury


"I like tiger tale because at the beginning when she is in the shed she thinks that the tiger is amaginary."

Christian Bowen, Greenfields Primary School, Shrewsbury


"Tiger tale is one of my favourite books in Bookfest because it is very emotional in parts but also really happy. I can really relate to it and it is really creative the way they have the relationship with Kate and her granddad. there aren't many characters so the story was easy to follow."

Lizzie Nash, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth, Shropshire


"When I first picked up this book, I wasn't really interested in it and was tempted to put it down. I'm glad I didn't. Holly Webb has created an emotive, heart-warming book that I really love. I think Kate's character is a gentle one and I like that a lot. Even if it may not seem like your type of book; pick it up and get shocked! I would definitely recommend this book for 9-11 year olds and for people who like short stories."

Joseph Gregg, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth, Shropshire



"A good book aimed at about 10-12 year olds it tells you about the war! It is about a boy who doesn't see his granddad that often because he lives miles and miles away but one time when he visits his granddad alone it all changes he learns everything about him. Also it is very gripping at some points of the book. I would rate this book -half a man- 7.5/10 so it is definitely worth reading. Go on the journey and learn all about the war and all other cool stuff like that."

Matthew Whitehead, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth, Shropshire


"I think that this book was very good, as it was moving, unpredictable and all round a super book. I would rate this book 9/10. I feel it is very realistic and you can connect with the fantastically created characters very well. The only thing that could be improved on in my view; is the length of the book. Yes, the book is very, very good, but I love a type of book which has 250-300 pages, so I can read for a long time and those kind of books, I can really sink my teeth into!"

Daniel Ayrey, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth, Shropshire


"I think that this is a family story for all ages. Very emotional and a great loving story.Quite mysterious story and has lots of little twists,although i have a question was Kate imagining the tiger or not?"

Jasmine Blackwell, Hinstock Primary School, Shropshire


"I loved A Tiger Tale because it was an amazing book it was exciting and mysterious at the same time.When she first met the tiger she was like whoa! where did you come from but at the end she knew that it was just a cat all along, but I liked the way that she let her imagination run wild which I liked about it.I think that the book is like a family book because its sort of like a cat and a girl's bond together but it's just with the tiger and the little girl Kate.I think it's a bond between the tiger and the girl Kate she didn't want the Tiger to disappear because it was like losing her Granddad again."

Deanne Smith, Hinstock Primary School, Shropshire


"A Tiger Tale is one of the most unbelievable books I've ever read because it's quite childish compared to the other shortlisted books."

Harry Aston, St George's Junior School, Shrewsbury



"This book was a good read, it was very emotional and sad. But I would not recommend this to an eleven year old, as it is more of a more beginner's book. The idea of this book was amazing, I love how Kate is so devoted to tigers and thinks its a real tiger! It is a sweet book and recommend this to 9 year olds and below!"

Zennor Harvey, Packwood Haugh School, Nr Shrewsbury


"A Tiger Tale was very good. It wasn't really to my liking but I am eleven. It made me feel like I was six again! It shows how hard it is to lose someone you love. It's funny how the big tiger turns out to be a cat! But what happened to Kate's precious tiger teddy Amos??? A very good book for six year olds but not for eleven year olds!"

Eve Leslie, Packwood Haugh School, Nr Shrewsbury


"granddad dies of black tea which for me is odd. I think it will be more suitable for younger children as Kate and Amos (her Tiger) have a very wonderful adventure.  I really recommend this for 10 year olds and under."

Edward Scott, Packwood Haugh School, Nr Shrewsbury


"Tiger Tale was a good book but quite strange one.  I advise this book for people from the ages 6-10years.  Tiger Tales has some hard words in and interesting words that you may not have heard before. A girl called Kate has a grandpa who died of black tea. Kate has to go to a camp because she can't be looked after.

Archie McParland, Packwood Haugh School, Nr Shrewsbury


"I thought it was an all right book for others but I really didn't like it, it was quite short and not a good story, especially the end."

George Hughes, Packwood Haugh School, Nr Shrewsbury


"It was sad because at the start the granddad died but Kate had a toy tiger called Amos. Kate's sister has friends but it's hard for Kate to make friends. The part I liked is when Kate took Amos to school. I was happy in some parts of the book. It was also sad in parts in the book."

Chantelle Nicolas, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Shrewsbury


"This book was ok but I didn't like that the tiger came to life. The ending was very touching; it was amazing! The story behind Amos is very good. I like the argument between Kate and Molly because she just wants something to remind her of her grandad. It was very moving. I recommend this to all ages above 5."

Zac James, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Shrewsbury


"My Great Granny died in October and I thought I was fine with that; but then I read this book. The way Kate connected to her grandad reminded me of the connection me and my Great Granny had. This upset me but made me realise what a great life she had. I would so very very much recommend this to anyone who needs a book to read. I would give this book a 9/10 as there were a few spelling mistakes as the author spelt grandad granddad."

Emily McAdam, St George's Junior School, Shrewsbury


"This book is quite confusing at first but then you get used to it. I really liked this books so if you like sad stories, read this."

Grace Trueman, St Lawrence Primary School, Church Stretton


"sad but good other wise"

Saskia Gravestock Rushbury C/E Primary School


"In my honest opinion, I was quite disappointed with this book.It felt more aimed at seven and under's. Definitely not my first choice of book. Too unbelievable for my liking."

Huw Watson, St George's Junior School, Shrewsbury


"I'm half way through this amazing book and I can't wait to read on. It's already gripped me. I'm not stopping now!!!"

Grace Trueman, St Lawrence Primary School, Church Stretton


"A Tiger Tale was an extremely emotional and admirable book, heart pounding, tear dripping ,out loud laughing book one you never want put down. The character description was thorough, absolutely superb, the whole way through. The book was so meaningful you could feel all what Kate was going through. You could picture the characters on each page, you would learn something else about them because of the splendid description. An accomplished book to be remembered and shone off!"

Megan Smith, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"I love the book Tiger Tale I think Holly Webb wrote it really well. There are sad times and happy times in the book, I also think that its really cute the Kate has a toy Amos and I love that its all about Kate and Granddad. I also love the vocabulary that Holly has used, her book has made me read SO much more books I recommend this book to anyone. It is great."

Poppy Brettell, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"Tiger Tale is a amazing story because it might happen in real  life. Even though it was upsetting, it made me smile. When I  read it (not long ago) I was stunned about how good it was! Holly Webb is a fantastic author-in my opinion- and I don't know why some people might not like the book. The front cover may not look old enough for our age but it doesn't make a difference. The story is fascinating!"

Poppy Bingham, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"I love this book!" It is very sad at first but has a very happy ending. I like the idea of Amos making Kate happier because she feels her grandpa is closer to her. It is surprising when Amos turned into a real tiger, it made me feel shocked and happy at the same time. Overall I really liked this book and I hope there are more like it."

Oliver Guestford, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"A tiger Tale is a very sad book but also a very good book. It makes me have mixed felling's wen red.  I think it is beautiful how Kate fells that holding Amos close makes granddad seem less faraway."

Beau Carter, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"I really liked A Tiger Tale because I liked how Holly Webb used a huge range of different emotions.(She described Kate the main character really well.) Also I personally like books about animals and so far A Tiger Tale is the best book I've read. The book makes you feel really sad at some points and it makes your heart pound. It also makes you want to cry a little bit."

Sophie Kinnersley, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"I really enjoyed this gripping book. It's the sort of book I really like because what happened to Kate has happened  to me. I especially like the setting because she keeps bumping into things that reminds her of  her granddad, my favourite  character is Kate because in a way she's like me in ways that she hides herself away alone when she's  upset and isn't confident after that. I  would recommend this book to anyone who likes an easier read, enjoys stories about animals and can cope with an emotional tale."

Dan Gale, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"Tiger Tale is quite an emotional book, about Kate's Granddad dying. The things that I loved was how creative the  book was that the lion (Amos) looked like her Granddad. This book is quite deep that once you've started reading it you cant put it down. If you like reading quite sad deep books you will like this one."

Mabel Edwards, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"WOW! I loved the way Holly Webb wrote a Tiger Tale, I thought it was amazing. I thought it was sad in  parts and really good in others. I felt sorry for Kate when she was thinking about granddad and then lost the toy that granddad gave her. I didn't like Ella and Izzy because they were bullies."

Georgie Talbot, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"A good book but gets a while to get in to though. My favourite bit is when she sees the tiger first."

Clay Swinborne,  St Lawrence Primary School, Church Stretton


"This is a very moving story and hard to understand at first.However when you read further,you get hooked into it. I would reacomed the book to younger children i found it very iintresting."

Ben Huszak, St Lawrence's Primary School, Church Stretton


"I didn't really like this book and it didn't hook me well. This won't be at the top of my recommendations list. It was a short easy book that wasn't for me. I would recommend it for a younger child."

James Williamson, Stottesdon Primary School


"I thought this was a great book but I disliked the ending.  I thought the book really came from the heart.  It would be a book I would recommend.  It was an amazing tiger tale."

Evie Davies, Stottesdon Primary School


"I love this book. It's happy in some parts and sad in others. The main characters are Kate and Amos. They are lovely characters because they love their Grandparents. I really recommend this book. I think that people that like animal stories would really enjoy this story too."

Chloe Hunt, Castlefields Primary School, Bridgnorth


"WOW. This is the first book of the book award that I have read, I love the bit when she's in the shed and for the first time the Tiger comes alive.

Next  I want to read Stone-bird."

Grace Jolliffe, Stottesdon Primary School


"I thought this book was moving and full of surprises.  And had a very clever.  i hope kate will start smiling and finds Amos. I won't ruin this book for anyone but it is a spectacular book.  :) "

Paige Swain, Wilfred Owen Primary School, Shrewsbury


"This book is a mooving story. It was the first book i had read from the book fest.  Although when a teddy comes alive it's a bit too unbelievable! It is a class book, more for young pupils. i fink this book should be read by other people."

Callum Salisbury, St Lawrence's Primary School, Church Stretton


"I really enjoyed this book because it was a diffrent book that I would read.I would recommend this book to children because it's all most like a fairy tale when things come a live.It could be at the top of my book list!!"

Charlie Salisbury, St Lawrence's Primary School, Church Stretton



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Holly Webb is the best-selling author of lots of brilliant books for children.


She read Classics at Cambridge and worked as a children's book editor for five years before she began writing for children.


She is particularly well known for her animal stories, like Lost in the Snow and the Molly's Magic and Animalmagic series. Look out too for Victorian crime caper Maisie Hitchins and fantasy adventure Emily Feather. For older readers, don't miss the Rose and Lily books, about magical girls and their adventures.


Holly's other standalone novels, Looking For Bear, A Cat Called Penguin and The Chocolate Dog have sold over 30,000 copies as well as A Tiger Tale, which tells the moving story of a child learning to cope with loss.


Holly now lives in Reading with her husband, three sons and cat.

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