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The Big Book Award 2018 LONGLIST...

During the summer of 2017, leading publishers of children's books submitted up to five titles each.  We ended up with 56 fabulously contemporary children's books.


Pupils from seven primary schools are being tasked with reading this longlist and their feedback will form the essential basis for drawing up a shortlist of just 6 books that will be distributed across Shropshire schools in December.

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Title                                            Author                           Publisher

The Porridge Plot                                   Che Golden                             Alma Books

A Girl Called Owl                                    Amy Wilson                             MacMillan Children's Books

A Storm of Strawberries                       Jo Cotterill                                Piccadilly Press

A Very Good Chance                             Sarah Moore Fitzgerald         Orion

Alex Sparrow & the Really Big Stink   Jennifer Killick                          Firefly Press

All the Things that Could Go Wrong

Anglo-Saxon Boy


Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds

Bad Mermaids

Being Miss Nobody

Billie’s Big Audition

Black Cats & Butlers

Fly Me Home



Grace-ella Spells for Beginners

Help My Cat's a Vlogging Superstar

His Royal Whiskers

Jake Atlas & the Tomb of the

    Emerald Snake

Jinks & O'Hare Funfair Repair


Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop Boy

Letters from the Lighthouse

Llama United

Lyttle Lies The Pudding Problem

Miraculous Miranda

Mold and the Poison Plot

My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral!

Radio Boy

Rowan Oakwing

Spy Toys


St Grizzle's School for girls, Goats

        & Random Boys

Tender Earth

The Accidentail Billionaire

The Boy who Went Magic

The Crystal Run

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

The Elephant Thief

The Everything Machine

The Goldfish Boy

The Great Fire Dogs

The Halloweeds

The Huntress: Sea

The Incredible Billy Wild

The Island at the End of Everything

The Last Duchess

The Legend of Podkin One-ear

The Matilda Effect

The Misfits

The New Girl

   (The Witches of Fairhollow High)

The Secret Cooking Club

The War Next Door

There May be a Castle

They Didn't Teach This

          at Worm School


What not to do if you Turn Invisible

Wonder Boy

Stewart Foster

Tony Bradman

David Baddiel

Horatio Clare

Sibeal Pounder

Tamsin Winter

Kimberly Wyatt

Janine Beacham

Polly Ho-Yen

Eloise Williams

Kate Scott

Sharon Marie Jones

Rae Earl

Sam Gayton

Rob Lloyd Jones


Philip Reeve &

             Sarah McIntyre

Lara Williamson

Emma Carroll

Scott Allen

Joe Berger

Siobhan Parkinson

Lorraine Gregory

Ben Davis

Christian O'Connell

E J Clarke

Mark Powers

Guy Bass

Karen McCombie


Sita Brahmachari

Tom McLaughlin

AP Winter

Sheila O'Flanagan

Stephanie Burgis

Jane Kerr

Ally Kennan

Lisa Thompson

Megan Rix

Veronica Cossantell

Sarah Driver

Joanna Nadin

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Laura Powell

Kieran Larwood

Ellie Irving

Kieran Crowley

Ariana Chambers


Laurel Remington

Phil Earle

Piers Torday

Simone Lia


Ali Sparkes

Ross Welford

Nicole Burstein

Simon & Schuster

Walker Books


Firefly Press

Bloomsbury Publishing

Usborne Books


Little Brown

Corgi Books

Firefly Press

Piccadilly Press

Firefly Press

Walker Books

Andersen Press

Walker Books


Oxford University Press


Usborne Books

Faber & Faber

MacMillan Children's Books

Simon & Schuster


Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press


Little Brown

Bloomsbury Publishing

Stripes Publishing

Stripes Publishing


MacMillan Children's Books

Oxford University Press

Chicken House


Bloomsbury Publishing

Chicken House

Scholastic Children's Books

Scholastic Children's Books

Puffin Books

Chicken House


Little Brown

Chicken House

MacMillan Children's Books

Faber & Faber

Corgi Books

MacMillan Children's Books



Chicken House



Walker Books


Oxford University Press


Andersen Press