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President:  Dame Jacqueline Wilson; Patrons:  Michael Morpurgo & Ian Whybrow

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The Book Award Shortlist was chosen with the help of children from 7 primary schools across Shropshire, who in September and October 2015 between them read and commented on a list of around 50 titles nominated for the Award submitted by the major children’s publishers.


The six books on the Shortlist are ones they felt were good reads for both boys and girls from 9 to 11 years old, made you think about things, had characters you can believe in and had a great storyline. They loved them and we hope you do too.


Every school in the Book Award 2016 project has been given multiple copies of each of the six shortlisted titles, which they can keep forever.




How the Shortlist was chosen

We are asking children to choose their favourite book from the shortlist. In order to be able to compare and choose between them, they will obviously need to read as many of the books as they can. However, we don’t expect all children to read all six books – although we hope that many confident readers will do so.

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"I think Bookfest is a great idea – children are actually able to vote and their votes actually count.  It encourages children to read and something really good comes out of it."

Rebecca, Market Drayton Junior School, Shropshire  MARCH 2016

"What brilliant book choices – I couldn’t put them down!"

Verity, Market Drayton Junior School, Shropshire  MARCH 2016

The Shortlist..

Do the children have to read all six books?